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4 simple steps to promoting your business with Absolute Europe...........

  • 1. Tell us who you are
  • 2. Tell us what you do
  • 3. Choose an option for advertising your business
  • 4. Confirm your entries and send them to Absolute Europe

About You

The first step is about gathering together all the neccessary contact information for your business. Hopefully, there is not too much here that needs explaining.

However, a little guidance:

  • Use the TAB key on your keyboard to move from field to field - it's quicker than using the mouse.
  • Press Enter in the Address box to create a new line.
  • Region refers to the region, county or principality that you are located in and is used in our search facility. You may want to use the main site to find how we have listed your region before you begin here.
  • You may enter more than one telephone number but there is a limit of a total of 40 characters.
  • You do not need to type the http:// part of your web address.

Do not worry about making any mistakes as all submissions are proof-read before going live*.

*Proof reading does not apply to translations supplied for other languages.

Contact Name
Business Name
Business Address
Nearest Town/City
Country Code
Telephone Numbers
Fax Number
Your Email Address
Website Address

About Your Business

Use the drop-down list on the right to choose the category best suited to your business. Absolute Europe have put much time and effort into researching just how people search for businesses like yours and, although the category list is not as long and detailed as it could be, it suits its purpose perfectly. However, our category list is very dynamic and if you think your advert would be better placed under an un-listed heading then please use the next box to enter your own. We cannot guarantee the category you suggest will be used but we will NOT place your advert or make any charges until this has been agreed between us.

As many people move from country to country, premanently relocating, buying second homes or simply holidaying much can be required of the country to which they go. Consider how this could affect your business and the demographics of those most likely to make the best use of your services. If it is possible that you hve a regular migrant populace or many visitors from a certain country then give serious consideration to which languages you would want your business described in. If you are unable to obtain specific translations then please indicate in any such field by typing 'TRANSLATION REQUIRED'. Absolute Europe will make an additional small administration fee for each language translation required (see Advertising Options).

The easiest way to complete the boxes on the right is to use copy and paste. Within any text editor or translation package you might use, highlight the text you want to appear in the field then use Ctrl & c to copy, click in the appropriate box on this web page then use Ctrl & v to paste.

Business Category

Advertising Options

To keep things as simple as possible we have just three advert types. The searchable classified advert is not offered as an option and the detail you entered in the previous pages provides the text for this. Of the two banner ads on offer the regular horizontal one will be displayed, on frequent rotation, on results pages linked to the category of business you have chosen. When clicked it will display your classified advert in our usual way.

The larger vertical advert appears on the main Euro map page and is directly related to the chosen language. As per the banner ad it will be linked to your detail page.

Prices shown do not include any design work for banner ads due to the varying levels of work required to produce them. We are more than happy to use artwork supplied by you, in almost any format, as long as it is no more than the dimensions shown for each banner type. Be absolutely assured that we will not make any charges for the display of banner ads until you are happy with any design and quote you may have asked us to supply.

Ad Type Cost Order
Horizontal Banner    
Tick here if design required  
Tick here if design required  
Classified worded advert with descriptions
in up to 16 different languages

Number of Translations required:  
All costs shown are inclusive of taxes and are annual fees.    

Confirm & Submit

Almost finished! All we need now is to know if you offer a telephone or email service in any other languages. Those that you do offer will appear at the bottom of your detail advert as appropriate flags.

Simply put a tick against those you want to appear including your own.

Use the tabs along the top to review your details and selections then when you are happy with your choices click the 'Submit Details' button on this page. We will confirm receipt of your details as soon as possible and contact you for your payment details and preferred payment method. Unfortunately, we cannot allow the inclusion of any advertising until we hve received cleared funds.

Click 'Send' button to submit details.